Cut Sugar for More Testosterone?

Sugar is a literal testosterone killer. What does this mean for a man? Based upon a recent article done by My Baby Care, low testosterone can cause “…a greater chance for sexual dysfunction, low energy, depression, and unclear thinking.” How does sugar cause low testosterone?

“Testosterone drops after you have anything with sugar in it. Sugar triggers your body's insulin levels to spike and, like cortisol, that's a testosterone killer. The flavor boost you get from sugar isn't helping you keep your body or your brain. Sugar is addictive, releasing dopamine signals in the brain that encourage us to keep eating more sugar. Breaking this cycle means quitting added sugar, and restricting any foods that have high fructose levels. It isn't easy, but if you combine this with increased exercise you will immediately start to feel better about yourself, without noticing the cravings. Before you know it, they will be gone.”

If your interested in My Baby Care’s article 4 Natural Ways Guys Can Increase Testosterone Levels, go here:

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