A natural (and effective) solution to heartburn & acid reflux-indigestion, acid blockers, bloating, constipation

Solution: Upper GI Relief⁠
Taking high doses of Artichoke Leaf Extract, Gutgard® Licorice Flavonoids, and Ginger Root Extract with⁠
high levels of gingerols before each meal for 3 meals a day and another high dose of this combination at the first signs of heartburn or acid reflux for 3 months will knock these problems out.⁠
After 3 months a person just needs to take a normal daily dose once a day (1 capsule/day). It works very well. If a person stops short, the problems will come back. ⁠
This combination of ingredients in these doses⁠
for this duration of time will also resolve the underlying causes of constipation. For frequent constipation issues it takes between 4 to 7 weeks to see the results, but it works very well.⁠
Step #1 – Buy 4 bottles. Look on the Upper GI Relief product page under “Product Options.” Select 4 bottles.⁠
We offer a reduced rate for four bottles.⁠
Step #2 – Take 2 capsules at the beginning of meals for 3 meals a day and take another 2 capsules at the⁠
first signs of heartburn or acid reflux. I know this is a ton of capsules. I’m sorry about that. But it works.⁠
It really does. And once the issues are gone the daily dose of 2 capsules a day.⁠
Step #3 – Take it consistently for the full 3 months even if things are feeling really food.⁠
Step #4 – At the end of 3 months buy 1 bottle a month and take 2 capsules a day at the beginning of meals.⁠
Occasionally, there are things that can cause the underlying issues (i.e., slow motility, H. pylori, and low⁠
acidity) to pop back up. Jump back on the higher doses for several days till the issue goes away.⁠

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